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第32話My Turn: Miles to Go by マイリー・サイラス

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MILES TO GO  by MILEY CYRUS  with Hilary Liftin 



MILES TO GO(題意:沢山の思い出と、やりたいこと) 

マイリー・サイラス著 ヒラリー・リフティン共著 





My Turn 



You would think Prince Charming would distract me from my work, but it was actually kind of the opposite. I was in love, I had a lot to say about it ― and good thing, because I needed to write a whole album of songs, pronto. The first Hannah Montana album came out right after The Cheetah Girls tour, and we immediately started planning the second. But this album was different. It wasn't just a second track for the TV show. This album would have two discs ― one with me performing songs from the show as Hannah Montana, and one called Meet Miley Cyrus, which would introduce me as a singer/songwriter in my own right. It was something totally new. 

白馬の王子様」が現れた、てことになると、私が仕事に打ち込むジャマをしてるんだろう、なんて思ってませんところが、ある意味正反対のことが起きてました恋愛なんかしちゃって書きたいことが沢山できました良かったことをねというのもその頃私はアルバム1枚分の曲を作らなくてはならなかったのですそれも、大急ぎで。「ハンナ・モンタナ」のファースト・アルバムは、チータ・ガールズコンサートツアー直後にリリースされました。そしてすぐさま、セカンド・アルバムの計画に取り掛かったのです。でも今度のは前回と違って、単に番組のサウンドトラックではありません。このアルバムは2枚組CDで、1枚はハンナ・モンタナとして番組のサントラ、そしてもう一つは「Meet Miley Cyrus」と銘打って、シンガー・ソングライターとしての私の力をお披露目しよう、というものです。ファースト・アルバムとは全く違う、新しい取り組みです。 


Wanting to sing wasn't new. I can't pinpoint a specific moment when I discovered or decided that music was one of my callings, but the desire was always there. Sometimes it burned brighter. Winds and storms of emotion came and made it hot, scary. At times it felt dangerous to want something so much, and at times it was the easiest, most natural feeling in the world. 



Dad always says that I could sing before I could talk.   



I'm a middle child, with kids older than me and kids younger than me. The older ones are responsible. The younger ones are adorable. Me, I'm in the middle, singing and dancing and generally making a big show of one kind or another in an endless effort to get attention. I'd put on my cowboy boots, Braison would put on his Reeboks, and we'd dance. Pretty much any time an adult came into our house, I'd drag them into a room to sing and dance and put on my show. If Mom and Dad had a guest disappear on them, they always knew to follow the sound of my voice. Wonder why I make YouTube videos with my friend Mandy? Boredom, salvation, laughs, and a middle child's endless craving for center stage. No matter how famous or successful I am, I'll always be an attention-craving middle child at heart.  

うちの兄弟姉妹は私より年上も年下もいて、私はその真ん中あたりの子なのです。兄や姉達はしっかり者、弟や妹達は愛され者、真ん中の私といえば、みんなの注目を集めるべく、飽きもせず準備を積んでは、歌って踊ってショーみたいなのをやるわけです。私はカウボーイブーツ、そして弟のブライソンはリーボックのシューズを履いて、一緒に踊ります。だれかしら大人が我が家を訪ねてくると、私は彼らを部屋へ引っ張り込んで、歌って踊って、カッコいいところを見てもらおう、というわけです。お客さんがうちに来て、するとお母さんとお父さんが、私の目の触れないところへ通してしまうと、私がギャーギャー言う、ということは常に心得ていたようです。私が、友達のマンディー(Mandy Jiroux)とYouTubeに動画をいくつか上げてる理由が、これでおわかりですね?兄弟姉妹の中で、年上でも年下でもない、どっちつかずの真ん中あたりにいると、自分の役目が見当たらず手持ち無沙汰になって、それを何とかしたい、笑顔でいたい、私もみんなが注目する位置に立ちたい、と思うんですよ。この先、どんなに有名人になっても、成功しても、私の心の真ん中に居座るのは、真ん中あたりの子供が持つ「注目して欲しい」とう気持ちかな…。 


My singing and acting isn't all about performance and getting attention, though. I've always had a strong response to art. When I hear a sad song, I don't feel sorry for the singer. I don't feel sympathy. Instead it's more like I take on the singer's sorrow. It becomes mine, part of who I am. If a sad song touches me right, I can be sad for weeks. I hear Bette Midler's “The Rose,” and it's a song full of sadness and hope that it fills me★. Or some weird funk song says “I know lately you've been melancholy,” and the word “melancholy” strikes a chord, hits my heart, speaks to me, and I can't help but respond. My little sister is the same way ― she'll be affected forever if she listens to a sad song or sees a sad movie. We were born with that. Certain songs just change your life. 

★Sometimes being sad for weeks isn't ideal. 




What that's grown into is the urge to do work that affects people. I'm not just talking about making sad music. It's not like I say to myself, Hmm, I'm gonna write a song that makes everyone sad. That's just what the whole world needs right now ― a little more darkness. I mean something deeper. Creating art is all about connecting. You look at a photo from the fifties, and suddenly you're connected to that time and place and spirit. You see a photo of a beach and summer memories flood back. Or you see a painting of Paris, and you're transported to the fantasy of a life you've never experienced. The reason I never want a book to end is that I start to feel like the characters are my friends. I'll miss them when they're gone.  



Music (and other forms of art) does the same thing. It can inspire, lift you up to the future, rein in your pride, knock you off your feet, embrace your soul, change your life. I want to make that kind of music. Art is a gift to others. The purpose of art is to drown people in emotion.  



If you can tune in to an emotion or experience that is universal, and draw it or sing it or write it so that other people recognize it and identify with it, then all those people you touched are brought together in their understanding, and the world is a smaller, friendlier place.  



Needless to say, I wanted Meet Miley Cyrus to be real ― to achieve that connection with the people who were listening. We were starting to shoot the second season of Hannah Montana. It's always hard to find the right kind of time to write songs, but add filming a TV show to that ... An hour is a decent amount of time to work on a song I've already started, but for the most part I can only begin a new song when nothing's going on. So after dinner, on plane trips, whenever I could grab some time that felt unlimited, I took advantage of it to work on new songs. Then I went into the studio with some songs written and some that I was still trying to finish.  

勿論、「Meet Miley Cyrus」は完成させたかったそうすれば、これを聞いてくれる人達が、繋がり合える。間もなく「ハンナ・モンタナ」のシーズン2の放送が始まろうとしていました。曲作りの時間を、良いタイミングで確保するって、いつも大変です。でも放送に間に合わせなきゃいけない…。もう書き始めた曲を、更に作り込んでいくというためなら、1時間あれば十分です。でも多くの場合、何もない所からだと、新しく手を付けるのが精一杯。だから、夕食後とか、移動中の飛行機の中とか、特に何かしなくてもいい時間は極力利用して、新曲作りに割くようにしたんです。そうやって、完成させた曲と、作りかけの曲とをそれぞれ幾つか抱えてスタジオ入りする、そんなことをしていました。 


Prince Charming and I had been together for almost a year at this point, and things were mostly good. So lots of the songs on Meet Miley Cyrus were songs for and about him. I'd call him every night and say, “I wrote you another song!” People might wonder how I could write so many songs about one boy, but I knew I could write him a bajillion songs. Actually, now that I think about it, most of the songs on that album were about Prince Charming.  

この頃、「白馬の王子様とは交際1年目といったところ順調な関係でしたなので、「Meet Miley Cyrus収録曲大半は、彼のために、あるいは彼のことを書いたものです。毎晩彼に電話して「あなたのための曲、またできちゃった!」。男の子1人のために、よくそんなに沢山曲が書けるねって、みんな思うよね。でもその時の私は、彼のためならいくらでも曲が書けた。実際今思い返してみると、アルバム収録曲の大半は、「白馬の王子様」のことについての曲ですね。 


Don't get me wrong. The relationship wasn't perfect. But I think about it a lot like the farm, and how everything is so tranquil there. Yes, there are storms, but even the storms feel natural, like part of what is meant to be. I would always want to let the storms carry me away. On the other hand, sometimes you would rather have endless days of blue skies.  



At some point we decided that we needed to take a break. I thought we were going to break up for good. I was so brokenhearted that I wrote “Girls' Night Out” to make myself smile. But immediately afterward I wrote “Right Here” to play for him as a way of telling him how much I loved him. To tell him: 

ある時、私達は、お互い距離をおく必要がある、ということになりました。私としては、これで永遠終わりだな、と思いました。心が折れまくった私は、自力で笑顔を取り戻さなきゃ、ということで「Girls’ Night Out」を作曲します。でも直後に、私は「Right Here」を書きました。彼に伝えようと思ったんです。どれだけ私が彼を大好きだったか、と。 


No matter what, I'll be there for you. 

No matter where we are in life 




And then some of the songs on the album, like “Clear,” are what I think of as “pre-breakup” songs, where I'm imagining what it would be like to break up and how much that would suck, and kind of taking on that emotion. 



I went into the recording studio on weekends, squeezing time in whenever I could. I'd work on a song at home, then sit with it a little while to see how it felt, making changes here and there. Before I'd worn it out, I'd take it in and record. Sometimes for art to be really the best it can be, no matter how personal it is, you have to bring in other people to help. If I can trust one person in the world with my music, it's my producer, Antonina. She is my dream girl, my role model. When I come in with a story and pieces of a song, the two of us can work it into a real song, and I know she'll never tell anyone where it started, what it meant, and how it evolved. After I recorded my part, the rest of my producers worked on the songs, layering sound effects and instruments. I got versions along the way, hearing each song again and again until they were all how we wanted them.  



After three or four months of visits to the studio, there it was ― my first album as myself. Well, half of a double CD anyway. Hannah was still carrying me. It was Hannah who made so many copies of the album sell. But whenever I worried that all my success was due to Hannah I was like, wait a minute! I am Hannah! I worked hard to be that character and to make her my own. So Hannah wasn't carrying me. I was carrying both of us.★ 

★If that makes any sense at all! 




★★★ 7 artists I admire ★★★ 

1. Beethoven 

2. Picasso 

3. Stevie Wonder 

4. Celine Dion 

5. John Eldredge 

6. Antonina Armato 

7. Metro Station 

★★★尊敬するアーティスト ベスト7★★★