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第25話Homebodies: Miles to Go by マイリー・サイラス

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MILES TO GO  by MILEY CYRUS  with Hilary Liftin 



MILES TO GO(題意:沢山の思い出と、やりたいこと) 

マイリー・サイラス著 ヒラリー・リフティン共著 








My dad has to travel for work, but when it comes down to it, both my parents are homebodies. Maybe that's why they get along so well. When my dad was touring with his mega-hit song, “Achy Breaky Heart,” my mom stayed home with the kids. Dad was gone a lot, but even when he was home for as long as six months, my parents never went out on group dinner dates or had parties; they never entertained celebrities or schmoozed. They liked to be with each other and us.  

お父さんは仕事柄ツアーなど家を空けなければならないことがあります。ただ基本的には、両親とも家にいるのが好きなんです。夫婦仲が良い理由は、そこにあるんでしょうね。大ヒットになった「Achy Breaky Heart」のツアー中も、お母さんはうちら子供達と、家にいました。お父さんは家を空けることが多いのですが、逆に例えば半年とか家にずっといる時でも、両親揃って外出して、他の人達と食事しに行くとか、家に人を呼んでパーティーをするとか、そういうことは全然しません。業界のお偉方をおもてなししたりご機嫌取ったりとか、まずありえない。二人で一緒に居て、あとうちら子供達と過ごすのが、好きなんです。 


I'm pretty much the same way. I like going to small parties and over to friends' houses, like ten people hanging out, maybe going for a swim. I'm always careful because of my heart. I guess my idea of a good party is someone getting their face smashed in a cake - not getting smashed. I don't drink and I would never smoke. I always say that for me, smoking would be like smashing my guitar and expecting it to play. I'd never do that to my voice, not to mention the rest of my body. My mom wants us to be careful not just about smoking, but about second-hand smoke too. What Mom doesn't? Both of my granddads died of lung cancer (even though Pappy's cancer came from asbestos, not from smoking), so I get why Mom is extra worried.  



Too bad we get invited to lots of cool parties, because it's kind of wasted on us. After Oscars last year, we were supposed to go to Elton John's party. We were invited to Madonna's party. There was some other dinner party that was a big deal. We had every ticket in town. It was dazzling and flattering.  



But after the awards show was over, my mom and I looked at each other. I said, “I'll go if you want to go.” 



And she said to me, “I'll go if you want to go.” There we were on Hollywood's biggest night, all dressed up, with every hot invitation we could imagine. So what did we do? We stopped by our favorite local diner, Mo's, got barbecue chicken pizza, and went home to change into our pajamas. We were chowing down in the kitchen, talking about how much we like barbecue chicken pizza, when we paused for a moment and I said, “Should we have gone?” Then we shook our heads: Nah. When it comes down to it, we'd rather be home in our jammies.  




★★★ 7 foods I love ★★★ 

★★★ 私の好きな食べ物 ベスト7 ★★★ 


1. oatmeal with ice cream 

2. grilled cheeze with ketchup 

3. macaroni and ketchup 

4. potstickers 

5. dumpling from Cracker Barrel 

6. enchiladas 

7. eggs with syrup 









It's easy to be the same family we've always been when we're hanging out at home. But it's a little harder when we're out and about. Then the fame thing gets in the way. We like to go to church on Sunday and then to lunch together afterward. People will sometimes come up to us while we're eating. That's when my mom will say, “It's Sunday. We're eating. She's only sixteen years old, and she's not allowed to do that right now.” I get embarrassed. Why can't I just do one signature? It takes five seconds. It's no big deal. But my mom says it's family time, and signing autographs can wait. She wants to make sure there are times when I'm just Miley, hanging out with my family.  



Another thing that happens is that sometimes we'll go to Universal (the amusement park), and fans will gather, wanting to take a picture or to get an autograph. I don't mind doing it, but my family doesn't want to stand around for an hour waiting for me. They want to ride the rides. And suddenly I'm the sister who's slowing us down, and they're as annoyed as you'd be if your brother had a tantrum in the parking lot of a movie theater. Those moments, they remind me I'm still just Miley and I'd better get a move on.