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第19話Daddy's Little Buddy: Miles to Go byマイリー・サイラス

Disney HYPERION BOOKS (currently, Hachette Books)  

MILES TO GO  by MILEY CYRUS  with Hilary Liftin 



MILES TO GO(題意:沢山の思い出と、やりたいこと) 

マイリー・サイラス著 ヒラリー・リフティン共著 





Daddy's Little Buddy 



Meanwhile, Dad and I were working really well together. Every teenager and father have some of the same problems. You want a new phone, but your dad doesn't want to give you the money to buy it. Your dad won't let you go to a movie because you need to stay home and study. You get jealous when your dad starts writing songs with the Jonas Brothers. (Okay, maybe that last one isn't exactly universal.) 



The Hannah Montana writers were coming up with stories about stuff that made sense in my relationship with my dad because they were normal teenager / parent struggles. 



But as they watched us, they picked up on our dynamic and used that to make the characters even more like us. Like Dad calling me “Bud” on the show. He always calls me “Little Buddy” and “Bud” in real life. And some of that real Southern stuff comes straight from my dad's mouth, like “Dang flabbit.” That is so Dad.  

でも、脚本家さん達が、私達二人を見ているうちに、私達がどんな感じで普段やりあっているのかが分かったらしく、ストーリーを、実際の私達父娘の姿に近づけていきました。普段お父さんは私を、「キョーダイ」とか「キョーダイちゃん」と呼びますが、それを番組中でもそう呼ばせたのです。それから、南部特有の言い方も、お父さんの口から連発されます。例えば「Dang flabbit(語感:アホ「うざ」ギ【兎】)」とかね。お父さんは、そういうキャラなんで…。 



They also found ways to use some of my dad's songs in the show. “Ready, Set, Don't Go” is a song that Dad wrote when I first got the Hannah part. He hadn't been cast yet. The family had packed up and was heading to Los Angeles. He watched us drive away and felt happy to see my dreams coming true and sad at the idea of me going so far away ― and growing up. What Dad doesn't have that bittersweet moment?  

番組中では、お父さんの持ち歌も、幾つか挿入されました。「Ready, Set, Don't Go(題意:準備できた?じゃあ、行…かないで)」は、私がハンナの役を勝ち取った、その時に書いた曲です。作曲した時点では、まだキャストには入っていませんでした。家族みんな、荷物をまとめて、ロサンゼルスへと向かう、お父さんがそれを見送る、私の夢がかなったのは嬉しい、同時に、私が遠くへ行ってしまう、そして手の届かない所へと成長してしまうようで淋しい。お父さんなりに、「嬉し悲しい」思いをしたってことですよ、きっとね。 


A year later, we would make an episode around that song. It was the highest rated of all the episodes that had aired so far, and “Ready, Set, Don't Go” became a hit song for us both. Of course, Dad wasn't thinking about any of that when he wrote the song. He was living his life, and he processes his emotions through music, just like me.  

お父さんがこの曲を作った1年後、そのエピソードの回が放送されます。全放送回の中でも、一番視聴率をとった回になり、そして「Ready, Set, Don't Go」は、お父さんにとっても、私にとっても、ヒット曲となりました。当然、お父さんは曲を作った時点では、そんなこと考えもしません。我が道を行く、そして自分の思いを音楽に乗せる、それは私も同じです。 


As time went on our lives overlapped more and more with our characters and vice versa. And that was fine by me.