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第18話Hannah and Lilly: Miles to Go byマイリー・サイラス

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MILES TO GO  by MILEY CYRUS  with Hilary Liftin 



MILES TO GO(題意:沢山の思い出と、やりたいこと) 

マイリー・サイラス著 ヒラリー・リフティン共著 





Hannah and Lilly 



Maybe my childhood experiences did have a little something to do with getting the part on Hannah Montana, but none of my dad's friends gave me any nuggets of wisdom about life on the set with my costars. If a TV show is like its own little world, then, in the beginning, the kids on our show were like an entire junior high school class. There was jealousy. There were fights. There was friendship. There was love. The only thing that was different : there were only three of us.  



Emily, Mitchel, and I are all close in age. Three is never a good number. At any given point, someone's going to feel like a third wheel ― that's just the way threes work. Mtchel and I were sort of insta-best friend. We're both crazy, silly, fun, high-energy, joking around with no real filters on what we say or do. We even had a little case of puppy love for a while there. It was sweet. 



Meanwhile, Emily's more reserved. Also, she's beautiful and athletic. There was competition between us ― girls struggle with that, and we were no exception. I didn't do much to fix it. I mean, I wanted to, but I had no idea how to go about fixing it. I never got along with girls as well as I did with guys. Hadn't I just endured Operation Make Miley Miserable, which was an all-girl campaign, for a year? 



Emily and I tried to be friends, we really did, but it always ended in a fight. 



We're just so different. She's from L. A. ― I'm from the South. She's opinionated. I'm not opinionated... but I'm so not opinionated that I'm opinionated about not being opinionated. She's supersmart. I felt dumb. Once in our classroom on set we got into a huge yelling argument after the teacher left. It was so bad, and we were so upset, that we each went home and told our parents. Both families all sat down together and tried to work it out. After those peace talks, we tiptoed around each other for a couple of weeks, but it didn't last. Soon enough we were back at each other 's throats.  



Usually on set everyone's mellow if some flubs a line. Not us. We'd be, like, “Gosh,” and roll our eyes in exasperation if the other one messed up. As soon as a take was over, I'd say, “Are we done with this scene now?” or she'd say, “Can we go?” There was no warmth, no chemistry. We were playing Bs, and neither of us wanted to be there. Finally the producers said, “You two have to pull it together.” I think sometimes people forget how old we are. They wonder why we're behaving the way we do. The pettiness. The drama. The acne depression ― I'll get to that later. We're teenagers! Our job is to fight. That's gotta be the downside of making a TV show about teenagers. You have to work with teenagers. On the upside .... hmm. Maybe there isn't an upside.  

普通収録中はセリフを飛ばしたりしても誰も目くじら立てずに穏やかに振る舞うものです。でも私達は違う。互いが間違えようものなら、「チッ」とか言って、ガン飛ばしまくりです。カットがかかった途端に、私が「今のシーン大丈夫でしたかねぇ?」、あるいは彼女が「これで終了できますぅ?」人としての温かみのカケラもなし。お互いの持っているものを出し合って、一つのものを作ろう、という姿勢も皆無。役の上では親友でも、一緒に居たくない、みたいなね。とうとうプロデューサーの方達から「お前ら、いい加減、お互い歩み寄れよ。」皆さん、うちらが何歳の子供か、忘れてません?うちらのやること成すこと、理解できないの?しょうもない事が気になるんですよ。どうでもいいことで喧嘩しちゃうんですよ。ニキビができれば落ち込むんですよ… あ、これは後ほどまた書きます。喧嘩はウチラ子供の仕事ですよ。ティーン・エイジャーを使ってテレビ番組作る上での問題点だってことぐらい、分かってよ。それを覚悟でティーン・エイジャーを使いなさいよ。ちなみに良いことだって… あ、良いことなんて無いか。 


I really wanted to be best friends with Email. My dad was playing my dad. Jason Earles, who plays Jackson, was like a big brother to me. The show felt real to me, and I wanted my relationship with Lilly to feel real, too. I knew it didn't have to ― show business is show business ― but I was disappointed. There were times when I didn't think we could ever be friends. We just couldn't figure out how to get along.  



SPOTLIGHT ON YOU written for Emily 

あなたにスポットライトを (エミリーに) 


I am tryin' to be brave 

Prayin' everything gonna go okay 

'Cuz I know I'm 'bout to be in ....  

The spotlight 

I see myself upon that stage 

With the spotlight 

With the cheerin' crowd before my eyes 

Rockin' on my guitar 

Bein' a superstar 

But all I really need is YOU 












Time went on, and the three of us ― me, Mitchel, and Emily ― were stuck together. So we stuck together. And over time we found ways to genuinely bond. There was a narrow wooden catwalk up above the set. We called it the “C.A.D” room.★ Getting up to the C.A.D. room was precarious. It was several stories high! You had to hang on to a bar or you'd fall down to certain death. The producers must have been glad to have us out of their hair. They didn't care where we went: “We don't see anything. We don't know anything. This isn't on us,” was their attitude. 

★C.A.D. = inside joke 




We'd sneak up there for lunch, and for an hour it felt like we were hiding out in a treehouse, high above our jobs and homework and parents. We were all in the same situation ― we had a great opportunity. It meant working like grown-ups, but it wasn't always easy to behave like grown-ups. Witness my spats with Emily. But up in the C.A.D. room we got to be normal, mischievous kids for a change. The pressure was off, and there were even hints of fondness between Emily and me. Our characters got along so well. Why couldn't we act the same in real life? For all our trouble, deep down I think(☓)★ we loved each other, even then. But we had a long way to go before we'd really be friends.