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第17話Rabbit Hunting: Miles to Go byマイリー・サイラス

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MILES TO GO  by MILEY CYRUS  with Hilary Liftin 



MILES TO GO(題意:沢山の思い出と、やりたいこと) 

マイリー・サイラス著 ヒラリー・リフティン共著 





Hunting Rabbits 



My earliest music memories aren't all on stage. As early as I can remember, music was part of my everyday life. Pappy's father, my great-grandfather (E. L. Cyrus), was a Pentecostal preacher. On top of being a legislator for the state of Kentucky, Pappy (Ronald Ray Cyrus) sang with the Crownsmen for a time and always had a gospel quartet. My dad's mother (Ruthie Cyrus) was also musical. She sang and played piano by ear. And when it came to our house, Dad's guitar was always out. He, my uncle, and my Pappy would sing “Little Red Caboose” or “Silent Night.” Especially around Christmas, the house was full of carols. 

ステージ上での話を、前の章で書きましたが、私のうんと小さな頃の音楽についての記憶は、そればかりではありません。物心ついた頃には、音楽は毎日の生活の一部だった、と記憶しています。じいじの、そのまたお父さん、つまり、ひいお爺さんのE.L.サイラスは、今の賛美歌やゴスベルを数多く手掛けた、ペンテコステ派プロテスタントの一派)の宣教師をしていました。じいじ(ロナルド・レイ・サイラス)は、ケンタッキー州議会の議員をしていましたが、クラウンズメンという音楽団体で歌っていた時期があり、いつもゴスペルのカルテットを組んでいました。お父さんのお母さん(ルーシー・サイラス)も、音楽に関わっていました。歌もピアノも、耳から覚えた人です。そして、家の中を見れば、お父さんはいつもギターを取り出しては、弾いていて、お父さんとおじさん、それと大好きなじいじとで、「Little Red Caboose(小さな赤い車掌車)」とか、「聖しこの夜」とかを歌っていました。特にクリスマスの時期になると、我が家はいつもクリスマスキャロルが響きまくってました 


When I was growing up, Dad brought home lots of his musician friends. I sat on Waylon Jenning's lap while he sang “Good-Hearted Woman.” When I was ten or eleven, Ed King★ showed me the chords for “Sweet Home Alabama” on my first guitar. 

★The Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist. How cool is that? 




Music is the love of my life. It's a total escape from reality. Music transports you to another place, someplace unexpected and meaningful. 



One day Johnny Neel★ came to visit. Daddy and I took a walk with him up to the top of a hill near our house. Johnny was blind, so we walked carefully. He used a cane while I held his other hand. When we sat down at the top, Johnny said, “It must be so beautiful up here. I wish I could see how beautiful it is.” This happened before I can remember, but according to Dad, I said, “Just listen to the wind. You can hear God's voice in the wind.” And when Johnny Neel just sat there quietly, I said, “Put your head down close to the grass so you can hear it.” He got down on all fours, put his ear to the ground, and said, “You're right, baby.” 

★A former keyboardist for the Allmen Brothers. 

… Dad = wrapped around my finger. 





My dad tells all these stories about me and his musician friends. But my favorite is the one about Carl Perkins.★ Carl Perkins brought his rabbit hunting dogs over from Memphis to walk around the farm with Dad. Dad and Carl weren't really hunting. They just liked to watch the dogs trail the rabbits. I was six years old, but I went with them. I always went with them.  

★The great rockabilly pioneer. You know, “Blue Suede Shoes.” 




So Carl's dogs were walking through the field, they caught the scent of a rabbit, and they took off into the hollow. Carl looked down at me and said, “Now, honey, I want you to remember this day. Me and your dad, we ain't carrying no guns, but we love rabbit hunting. Always remember that rabbit hunting is just like the music business.” That made no sense to me. “What do you mean? “ I asked. He said, “It's not about killing the rabbit. It's about enjoying the chase.” Daddy says that the dogs were howling, and we were standing there ― him, me, and Carl Perkins, and he remembers that moment like it was yesterday. I'm not sure I remember it quite that clearly, but I know that day is still with me. 



No single one of those encounters made me who I am. Not one of them convinced me to be an actor or a musician. But our hours and days add up. Little moments attach themselves to other little moments and collect into big dreams. A sunset, a walk, a few small words of wisdom. We become what we experience.